The School

The historical pages of Mysore Educational Institutions witnessed a landmark inclusion during the year 2009, with the inception of POLICE PUBLIC SCHOOL. Established by the Karnataka State Police Welfare and Education Trust, the school aims to impart quality education at an affordable cost both to the children of police personnel and public. The school proudly sprawls on a gigantic 21 acre land in the heart of the city, at Mahadevapura Main Road, Jalapuri.

The school is a dream-come-true of great innumerable visionaries filled with intense degree of humanity. Sri Kempaiah, IPS, Rtd. ADGP, stands tall, pioneering this endless list of large hearted philanthropists. Their lofty ideals, enthusiastic contributions and relentless toil round the clock, have blossomed into this majestic structure catering to the holistic development of the students.

This stately school embarked on its journey with 179 students and 10 teachers in its infancy stage. Adding feathers to its dazzling cap, the strength of the school has now reached 1700+, after 10+ years of persistent nurturing and grooming by the ever supportive patrons.

Housing classes from Pre-KG to XII std, the new Kindergarten Block of the school was formally inaugurated on 16-Oct-2016 by Sri Siddaramaiah, the Honourable Chief Minister of Karnataka.

The school provides a conducive ambience for the blossoming of duty bound, proud citizens of the nation. It also promotes a sustainable, peaceful and harmonious interaction of the children of the police as well as public.

To supplement the Kindergarten section, the school, very shortly, will unveil an exclusive building for the Senior Secondary section too.

The Institution’s ultimate aim is to emerge as a modern, well equipped residential school, marking global recognition on the map of Mysore.

Securing 100% results in successive batches that appeared for X std CBSE Board Exams and XII std CBSE Board Exams, the school has cast indelible impressions. Taking large, looming strides in the course of its journey, the school will relish greater success in the coming years. It will strive to sprinkle pride to every parent and student who would like to associate with the school’s scope, making them keen to seek recognition through our ever-growing institution.


To Promote Holistic Development of Body, Mind and Soul by creating a Conducive Learning Atmosphere to address the Aspirations and Abilities of all the Students


Providing safe secure serene atmosphere to enhance maximum learning and to prepare the students for life in a diverse community.

- Kindle and satiate the scientific temper in all the students

- uphold co-cultural learning

- address the aspirations and abilities of all the students

- nurture innovation, creativity and risk taking

- develop world class citizens with human values

- nurture and harness leadership ability among students

- respect unity in diversity and promote peace and harmony

- encourage active participation of students in co and extracurricular activities


From the Principal’s Desk

In this age of ‘Selfies’, it is time for us to introspect, a time for us to go into ourselves, a time to find out what our contribution towards ‘Life’ has been thus far.

Selfies have taken over from the traditional mirrors, while one is ‘live,’ the other is a real life picture. We human beings have become ‘Selfish’ and it is no wonder ‘Selfies’ have come into being for selfless, Self admiration bringing our selfish nature to the fore.

Technology undoubtedly has been instrumental for our development in ‘leaps’ and ‘bounds’ but it is wise for us to use technology judiciously without replacing the human touch which comes from the heart.

Let us remain ‘feeling’ human beings, let us remain in touch with reality, remaining true to our spirit which is to reflect our light through the medium of knowledge.

This website of ours has been designed to bring out through the electronic medium, the latent talents of our students. Browse through all we have.

Happy viewing and always remember

To keep in touch!

Rennie Joseph Mendonce,
Police Public School, Mysuru

From the Principal’s Desk

As I put pen to paper I am left wondering when this exercise of mine is going to leave this planet and become an extinct species. Technological advancement with the electronic revolution has rendered the simple pen and paper Hors de combat

While technological advancement is welcome there is in my opinion nothing like the personal touch and feel that one experiences while putting pen to paper.

For those of us who belong to the traditional lot, what more can bring about a sense of nostalgia than the leafing through of pages of a novel and reading it word for word from cover to cover. Today anything you like to read can be found at the click of a mouse but what is genuinely missing is the warmth and feeling one experiences while taking up a novel to enjoy the pleasure of reading.

While things must change since change is but a fore runner of growth, we have as a school tried to inculcate in our students the habit of reading and creative writing, the old traditional way, which we believe has brought us to what we are today.

Visit libraries in Schools and Colleges today and one can see the marked difference between the atmosphere in the library today and what existed there in yester years.

In the past books were in demand and it was an absolute pleasure reading a book after jostling in a queue to wrest, from a borrowers hand, the prized possession. Library books took us to an unknown world and got our imagination running wild with absolute creativity – In those days pictorial description was in black and white and in print and left the visual contents to the readers imagination.

Fairy tales, adventure stories, fiction novels, comics on Asterix, Tin Tin, Phantom, Tarzan, Amar Chithra Katha and the like were lapped up by the reader in glee. The joy of reading was not just restricted to the English language but natives of different states nay lands had the pleasure of reading topics of their liking narrated to them in their own lingo.

Happy reading to you all!

Deena Uttappa,
Vice Principal,
Police Public School, Mysuru