Curricular Activities:

The school offers an opportunity of mastering 3 languages. The curricular activities facilitate the development of intellectual learning and kindles their knowledge on various domains - literary/scientific/artistic etc. Strengthened class room learning feeds the intellectual knowledge of all. In keeping with The National Education Policy 2020 the school offers the following curriculum.

Subject & Languages
Classes I-X English I Lang
Kannada II Lang III Lang 5th - 8th std
Hindi II Lang III Lang
Computer Science
Art n Craft
Spoken English
Life Skills
Physical Education

Co-curricular and Extra-curricular activities:

Co-curricular activities enable to supplement and complement the curricular/main syllabi activities. it aims to develop the students' personality as well as to strengthen the class room learning. the co-curricular activities have a wide horizon and cater to the cultural, social, aesthetic development of the child- Some of the activities conducted in the school are:

Sports Musical activities Debate/Elocution/Drama/Declamation/Interview/Extempore commentaries Model making/chart making Art and Craft Group discussion Story writing/poetry writing/essay writing/caption writing Recitation Sports quiz/computer quiz/GK quiz-oral and written Write ups for school magazine Folk songs/patriotic song/ Vegetable carving/flower show Fancy dress Clay modeling Bag making Making of science and art exhibits Celebration of festivals Athletics/Mass drill/yoga/Volley ball/karate/throw ball Field trip Horse riding/swimming/ICT/yoga/GK/CCA/Clubs(extra-curricular activities) The school focuses on intellectual development and aesthetic development. all these activities also help to develop co-education/cooperation for a maximum number of students to participate in these activities.

Extra-curricular activities:

Harnesses the talent the tight way, the adage "All work and no play" aptly reveals that without co-curricular and Extra-curricular activities boredom sets in children and which does not upholds overall personality development/holistic development. The students vie among one another to grab these opportunities and try to outsmart the other. The school strongly manages co-curricular and Extra-curricular activities as children become multifaceted and versatile. It gives them the feeling "Even I can". It gives them a feeling of self worth, raises their self esteem. They become more aware and acquire more exposure, making them more knowledgeable. They learn HOW TO FACE LIFE.

All in All - The school fosters their all round development and sees that each child's life canvas isn't just a mere plain landscape. But encourages them to make it unusual and exciting filling it may colours and patterns. There is no turning back at all.



9.15a.m.Call Bell
9.20 a.m.Assembly Bell
9.20-9.30 a.m.Assembly
9.30 to 10.10 a.m.I PERIOD
10.10 to 10-50 a.m.II PERIOD
10.50 to 11.30a.m. III PERIOD
11.30 to 11.40 a.m. SNACK BREAK
11.40 12-20p.mIV PERIOD
12.20 to 1.00 p.m. V PERIOD
1.00p.m. to 1.30p.m.LUNCH BREAK
1.30 to 2.10 p.m.VI PERIOD
1.00p.m. to 1.30p.m.VII PERIOD
2.10 to 2.50 p.m. VIII PERIOD
2.50 to 3.30 p.m.PACK UP & PRAYER
3.30 to 3.40 p.m.REMEDIAL TEACHING



9.15a.m.Call Bell
9.20 a.m.Assembly Bell
9.20-9.30 a.m.Assembly
9.30 to 10.10 a.m.I PERIOD
10.10 to 10-50 a.m.II PERIOD
10.50 to 11.30a.m.III PERIOD
11.30 to 11.40 a.m.SNACK BREAK
11.40 12-20p.mIV PERIOD
12.20 to 1.00 p.m.V PERIOD
1.00p.m. to 1.10p.m.PACK UP & PRAYER

Note: Second Saturdays of all the months are holidays.


I-V Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday BOYS Blue shorts and sky blue shirt, navy blue printed tie and blue white striped belt, navy blue socks and black shoes.
GIRLS Blue pinafore, sky blue shirt with navy blue printed tie, navy blue socks, black shoes and black ribbons/hair band. Navy blue tights compulsory with this uniform.
WED BOYS White shorts and white shirt with navy blue striped tie and belt, white socks with white canvas shoes.
GIRLS White skirt with shirt, white socks and WHITE CANVAS SHOES, white ribbon/white hair band. White tights compulsory with this uniform.
SAT BOYS & GIRLS Navy blue track pants with house colour T-shirt, WHITE CANVAS SHOES with navy blue socks. Black ribbon for girls.
VI-X Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday BOYS Sky blue shirt, navy blue trousers, navy blue socks, black shoes, navy blue printed tie and belt.
GIRLS Sky blue kameez with navy blue waist coat, navy blue salwar, black ribbon, navy blue socks, black shoes.
WED BOYS White shirt, white trousers, navy blue printed tie and belt, white socks and White Canvas Shoes
GIRLS White salwar kameez, white veil, white socks, White Canvas Shoes, white ribbon/white hair band.
SAT BOYS & GIRLS Navy blue track pants with house colour T-shirt, navy blue socks and White Canvas Shoes, & black ribbon only for the girls
XI-XII Mon- Sat BOYS Sky blue shirt, navy blue trousers, navy blue socks, black shoes, navy blue printed tie and belt.
GIRLS Sky blue shirt, navy blue waist coat, navy blue trousers, navy blue socks, black shoes, navy blue printed tie and belt.


UKG Free hand drawing
I Poem recitation-eng
II Calligraphy-kan/hin
III Table recitation
IV Drawing with a theme
V Dictionary game
VI Clay modeling
VII Crossword puzzle
VIII GK quiz
IX Computer quiz
X Sports quiz
LKG Eng rhymes with action
UKG Story telling
I Calligraphy in English
II Table dodging
III Pulses art
IV Mask making
V Essay writing-kan/hin
VI Pencil shaving art
VII Poetry writing
VIII Poster designing
IX Organic jewel making
X Handkerchief painting
LKG Colouring
UKG General maths
I Memory game
II Word building
III Cap making
IV Spray painting
V Kite making
VI Best out of waste
VII Pot painting
VIII Glass painting
IX Fan making
X Tile painting


Remodeled assessment structure for the year 2017-18.


The test/examination pattern is as follows:

i) Alongwith annual exam there will be three periodic written tests in the entire academic year and the average of the best two will be considered. The three tests are

  -pre-midterm test

  -midterm test

  -post midterm test


Henceforth note book will be assessed based on regularity in completion of notes, Assignment completion, neatness and upkeep of the note book.


  a) Languages-Speaking and Listening Activity

  b) Math-Maths Lab practical

  c) Science- Practical Lab Work

  d) Social Science-Mapwork & Project Work


  a) Work Education

  b) Art Education

  c) Health & Physical Education

  d) Discipline

-attendance, sincerity, behaviour and values


  i) Preparatory exam for classes I- IX will be conducted in the month of February.

  ii) Class X will have two Pre-board exams.

OUR STAFF 2017-18

Teaching Staff

Nursery Staff



1. Bring the school diary to school everyday

2. Be regular to school. Prior permission from the class teacher is a must in case of absentation. Except, of course, in genuine cases of emergency.

3. Prescribed uniform on all working days is a MUST.

4. Respect all the staff.

5. Maintain silence, discipline and orderliness when moving in and out of the classes and in the corridors. When using the stairs always keep to your left, walk in a single line and make no noise.

6. Don’t tear pages from the book. Wrap and keep your books neat and clean.

7. Always come wearing neatly washed and pressed uniform, polished black shoes and washed and polished white shoes.

8. School property is your property. Keep the premises neat and clean. Don’t litter the campus.

9. Disciplinary action will be taken against those who violate rules/regulations and damage school assets.

10. Don’t tarnish the beauty of the school walls/surrounding by indulging in graffiti.

11. Use of English in the campus is mandatory.

13. Avoid wearing and brandishing expensive jewels, watches, cameras, other electronic gadgets. If brought, it will be CONFISCATED.

14. Bathe every day, cut nails, trim your hair (boys), no mehendi and nail paint application, plait and fold your hair up (girls), carry a neat handkerchief and napkin.

15. BE ON TIME (15 min earlier to the bell) & BE REGULAR AND PUNCTUAL IN YOUR WORK.




1. Extend 100% co-operation with the school in order to inculcate good values-honesty, hard work, simplicity and a sense of discipline, in the children.

2. Check your ward’s diary everyday without fail.

3. Send the appropriate books regularly as per the timetable.

4. Monitor your ward’s homework, studies and other activities.

5. Do not enter staff rooms and class rooms, without permission.

6. Curtail and refrain yourself from seeking permission to your ward for petty reasons. Half-a-day leave will not be entertained.

7. Sign your ward’s diary and report card without fail.

8. When intimated to meet the Principal/ Class teacher/ Subject teacher, do so immediately.

9. Acknowledge your child’s leave/absence stating the reason with parent’s signature and date without fail.

10. Meet the Principal with prior appointment. Meet the class teacher and subject teachers to discuss your ward’s academic progress and other related issues-MONDAY-FRIDAY between 3.40-4.15p.m.

11. Submit your wards report card on time.

12. Parents must drop and pick their wards ON TIME. Failure to do so could result in unwanted consequences.

13. Send nutritious and variety food for your wards.

14. Pay fees on time to avoid fine. Fees will not be refunded for any reason during any part of the academic year.

15. Spend quality time with your ward/s.

16. In cases where parents’ consent/ signature is expected within a dead line, parents must punctually do so.

17. Habitual idleness/irregularity/disobedience/bullying/slanderous attitude towards school atmosphere will invite punishment including dismissal of your ward at any time of the year.

18. Attend parent teachers meeting without fail.

19. Encourage your ward not to miss classes and tests/exams.

Rules and regulations for students of Std XI and XII.

1) All students should wear the prescribed school uniform.

2) Students of Std XI and XII should remain in school between 9.00 am to 4.30 pm or as otherwise prescribed by the school.

3) Free periods must be used effectively by sitting in the school library doing reference work.

4) Possession of tobacco in any form, liquor or other intoxicating substances is strictly prohibited and students found with these banned items in their possession will be immediately rusticated (terminated).

5) Ragging and bullying of students of either the same class or junior classes is strictly forbidden.

6) Use of mobile and other electronic gadgets are strictly prohibited.

7) A minimum of 90% attendance is expected of students of class XI and XII. In case of leave to be taken, prior intimation/permission for the same is required.

8) All tests and terminal examinations are compulsory and will be considered for promotion from class XI to class XII.

9) Perfect discipline must be maintained by the students of Std XI and XII at all times.

10) It must be remembered that students of Std XI and XII will remain students of the school and should follow rules and regulations which have been laid down for the other students of the school.