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Our Facilities

The school houses exclusive buildings for KG, Primary, higher primary and high school. In the coming days, the school has been upgraded to 11th and 12th std. Well trained teachers impart quality education to all the children. A well equipped library triggers the knowledge of all the students. The library is spacious and well ventilated. It creates a conducive ambience to support constructive reading. Books are the best to acquire knowledge about any aspect. A well equipped computer lab is a treasure trove for all. Computer aided learning enables quick and fast learning on the part of the learner. Teachers make use of educational CD’s too to supplement the learning. Children enjoy the hours spent in the computer lab. A separate, well equipped lab for physics, chemistry and biology caters to all the scientific requirements of the students. The Maths lab encourages the students to learn beyond the text books. A spacious activity room provides ample recreation to the tiny tots. It houses numerous toys to provide pleasure to the children. A few toys bursts the intellectual thinking of the children. Scrabble enhances the word power of all the children. Not ignoring the co-curricular and extra-curricular activities during our school children are indeed highly privileged to enjoy certain exclusive facilities. They are privileged to enjoy a package of yoga classes, Karate classes, swimming and horse riding. The school provides training for a band troupe through efficient trainers from DAR and KARP whose musicians constitute a part of the renowned Police Band troupe.

Student Corner: ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’- The students corner is always creative and colourful. The school conducts activities to tap out the latent talent of children and bring to the limelight, through the "Student Corner". It portrays the literacy skill, scientific skill and artistic skill of the students. It sure promises budding writers/poets/artists who shall bring name and fame to themselves as well as the institution. It also displays exhibits of life skill classes.

Computer Lab

In this era where man is so dependent on electronic gadgets which is so tightly wound into the fabric of modern society, the school aims to adopt maximized use of ICT in teaching learning process. Through this venture the children are kept abreast with the latest development of sophisticated technology. Besides, technology aided teaching facilitates better learning through a well equipped computer lab. An exclusive computer lab hones up the ICT skills in all the children. LAN provision is made. The Lab houses around 25 systems with internet facility. Well trained staff imparts quality training to the students.


The Karate Department is strong with Mr. P.Chinnaswamy as Karate instructor. He is a Black Belt holder. Experts from the police dept trained in the respective area give training to the children.


Desiring students can avail transportation facility – the school bus. Parents are requested to contact office for further details. Considering child safety to be of prime concern the children are accompanied by a staff during pick and drop. Speed Governors filted to the bus, Limited strength and say no to overcrowding is the rule behind students availing this benefit.


Complying with the norms of CCE, School propagates yoga for a healthy living and a healthy individual beginning from the earlier classes itself i.e. at the nipping stage for reaping the perfect benefits.Experts from the police dept trained in the respective area give training to the children.

Horse Riding

Horse riding is considered to be the best exercise of all, imparting all round fitness to body and mind. In the first phase of training, around 25 students underwent training from trained trainers of the mounted department. In the School another 20 students underwent training. In future, the school is planning to have more such training sessions.

Smart Class

Technology assisted teaching is the talk of the day. Police Public School is not lagging behind in this venture. In the first round of installation, 3 smart boards have been installed. One is exclusively for the senior secondary class. Other than the built in Programs, teachers are also encouraged to use quality education CDs. Additional smart boards shall be installed in the coming extension plans.


The School focuses on holistic development of a child. Parallel to this the children are not just trained academically. Children are nurtured and groomed Co-Scholastically too. A plethora of Curricular and Co-curricular activities give ample opportunities to the students to showcase or explore their latent talent .Through these activities the students are able to build their self esteem and confidence. They are also able to learn time management skills. They are able to juggle between various tasks and sharpen their commitment. They even explore the areas of their interest. Simultaneously they develop team management skills and hone up interpersonal communications skill besides developing leadership quality.

A proper balance between the curricular and co-curricular areas helps mould right and complete aspects in the children.

Curricular courses help the children gain knowledge, intelligence and he transforms into a culturally well developed social animal. Through the curricular the educational institution is instrumental in instilling the right values in the children and help, release better, righteous citizens into the city, children also gain proficiency in the content area too.

Varieties of activities are organized in the school __ all the children who are an integral part of the school.

List of Academic activities runs as below Tests / Exams / Dictation/ role plays / quizzes/ Club activities / Writing Activities / Science exhibitions/ Seminars / Speeches / debate/ Elocution / Map Activities / Projects / Assignments / Reading news papers / Assembly talks and many more.

Art Activities
Drawing / Painting / drama / Mono acting / Weaving / Sewing / Sand Art / Jewelery making / File painting / Cartooning / Dance Act / Annual Day celebration.

Sports Activities
March past / Lazimes / Dumb bells / Hoops / Athletics / Kabbadi / Kho Kho/ Volley ball / Hand Ball / Trekking / Karate / Yoga / Tennis / Throws etc.

Factory visits / field visits/ rallies / Environmental programs / Traffic sensitizing. Quizzes for Junior, intermediates and seniors. Elocution for Juniors, intermediates and seniors. Students are by and large, encouraged to participate in interschool events, Olympiads, quizzes etc.

Activities to hone up Personality development, Literary activities, ICT activities, Inter School debates and sports events, Inter House Co Scholastic competitions, many other varieties of activities are conducted hosted by the school.

Children are sensitized about the environment through planting saplings, rallies, Traffic shows etc.

Science Club

Another epoch making inclusion is the inception of the science club:- Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Science Club in collaboration with Mysore science foundation. Every month on the, 3rd Saturday science related activities such as hands on practical sessions, Seminars, awareness programs, field trips, trekking, factory visits, science talk etc are organized to enhance the scientific temperament in children. Ms. Anitha is the staff co coordinator. There is a Student Science Committee coordinating all the related events. All in all Co curricular activities render a number of values like

1. Educational Values

2. Psychological values

3. Development of Social Values

4. Development of civic values

5. Physical development values

6. Recreational values

7. Cultural values


Celebrations are spread across the year in the school to inculcate many values in the children. Some of the celebrations are Investiture Ceremony World Environment Day Independence Day Gandhi Jayanthi Kannada Rajyotsava Children’s Day Republic Day Annual Day Kiddies Day On days of National Importance speeches are rendered by the children to instill patriotic feeling among all. All the school programs help instill the right values in the children.